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The digital threat to Canadians’ Charter rights and freedoms

Is your information protected? Are you protected?

Will you stand up and say “NO” to Digital IDs?

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Where have you been? What have you purchased? Where do you spend your time? Who do you visit? Have you been vaccinated?

Every day, Canadian governments use Digital ID technologies to learn more about you: your speech, your habits, your opinions, your finances, and your body. You are probably familiar with Digital ID technologies already. Perhaps you scanned your Covid passport to dine or travel. Perhaps you accessed your provincial online profile to renew your license or to pay a fine.

Digital ID is an electronic version of government identification, and allows people and businesses to prove who they are – both in person and online. It is often required to access government and private services . Under the guise of convenience and security, governments and corporations are implementing Digital ID technologies; as a result, Canadians are losing their rights, freedoms, and privacy.

With Digital IDs, all aspects of civil life can be consolidated, and in the control of the government: driver’s licences, health and vaccine records, unemployment insurance, bank accounts, university applications, post-secondary loans and scholarships, and tax filings.

Covid has served to accelerate governments’ plans to implement an all encompassing Digital ID. Vaccine QR passports have already been used to coerce the populace into compliance with arbitrary mandates and to exclude law abiding citizens from ordinary life.

For exercising their freedom of choice and medical privacy, Canadians have been subjected to second-class citizenship, denied access to restaurants, gyms, libraries, museums, and air travel.

The entire Covid outbreak in Canada seemed to lay the groundwork for more online-only services, and the vaccine QR passport was the groundwork for a permanent Digital ID. Now, long travel lineups due to Covid screening are being used to justify the use of a digital passport just to travel.

In 2016, the government admitted to secretly using facial scanning technology on millions of unsuspecting airport travellers in Toronto. During Covid, Canada’s federal government again was caught spying on 33 million mobile devices and gathering their location data without any consent. The RCMP was also caught using Clearview AI facial recognition technology against the privacy rights of Canadians.

Canada is on a dangerous path towards unprecedented government surveillance and control; a veritable digital dictatorship.

Every day, Canadian governments use Digital ID technologies to undermine the tradition of freedom and privacy.

For “unacceptable” political views which do not conform to the “new normal,” the government may decide to freeze your bank account, deny you unemployment insurance, deny you a vital organ donation, or suspend your right to travel within and beyond Canada.

This is not speculation. These examples of government overreach have happened and are happening right now in Canada, and a Digital ID would only make government violations of Canadians’ fundamental rights and freedoms easier.

Every day, Canadians can make decisions to end the unconstitutional use of Digital ID.

Join us: say “no” to the digital threat to Charter rights and freedoms.

We invite you to join us in ending the unconstitutional use of Digital ID in Canada.

The Chinese Communist regime and their Social Credit System seem to be the model Canadian politicians are striving towards with their Digital ID.

China’s Social Credit System is a complete digital surveillance system, which the Chinese Communist Party uses to punish citizens for behaviours deemed unacceptable to the State. Citizens are constantly monitored, and, for criticizing the president or for criticizing the CCP on social media, Chinese citizens may be denied access to their bank accounts, forbidden from train and plane travel, forced into “re-education” programs, or put on a public blacklist.

AI-driven facial recognition, cameras, phone and location tracking are additional tools used by the Chinese government’s Digital ID program. These, too, are already being employed in Canada.

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